Web Developer

Japan-based Web Developer.

What I do

Website Creation

Website Creation with Laravel or WordPress.


Creation of WordPress Plugins.


Setup and customization of an Online Shop with WooCommerce.


Solving PHP related Problems.


Implementation of the European GDPR Guidelines.


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Static Website utilizing the NASA API

Laravel Forum

Laravel CRUD Application created with Laravel Breeze. The Frontend is made with Blade, TailwindCSS, and Javascript.

E.k Metallbau

Modified WooCommerce Website that enables Customer to request quotes for a whole Order of different Products

• reduced processing time for a quote from 1 – 2 days, down to 10 min – 3 hours.
• reduced spam significantly
• saves quote requests in the Backend
• eliminated the need to call the customer for clarification

Monthly Updates and SEO

Service und Verkauf Neckaralb

WordPress Page for a company in Germany. Google Maps, Contact Formular, and Video. Created with Elementor complying with EU – GDPR Guidelines.

Monthly Updates and SEO

SnackInsel Ofterdingen

Website for a restaurant in Germany. Created with Elementor complying with EU – GDPR Guidelines.

Monthly Updates